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A cornerstone of our firm is advice to clients and government officials. The Da Vinci Group excels in its ability to weave the connection between what our clients desire and the process of government to achieve their goals. The Da Vinci Group works with some of the best minds in the business of government. Our combined relationships deliver a powerful combination for success to our clients.


The corporate development side of the Da Vinci Group allow us to provide a distinctively different service from other firms. Corporate development is an integral part of government and society. Corporate foundations play an important role in philanthropy and assisting with programs that affect the lives of people throughout the world. The Da Vinci Group supports this important role and works with a variety of organizations, individuals and corporations to fulfill the objectives of corporate development for all our clients.


Packaging the elements of government relations and public relations allows The Da Vinci Group to excel in the realm of public affairs. This ever expanding area of corporate, political, and government activity carries each clients vision to its successful conclusion with our expertise.


Our work in public relations is an integral part of the foundation of the Da Vinci Group. Expanding our client’s message to multiple audiences as part of a complete strategy is essential to each clients success. These strategies require insight, vision, and a strong knowledge of the client and their message. We deliver the kind of formula to win.


  • Appropriations

  • Corporate Development

  • Environmental Management

  • Education

  • Financial Services

  • Health Care

  • Intellectual Property & Copyright Protection

  • Law Enforcement / Public Safety

  • Non-profit Development & Management

  • Political Consultant / Fundraising

  • Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

  • Telecommunications

  • Transportation

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